www.hp.com/123 remote assistant

HP tech suppot is always there to solve you with the issues you find with your HP printer. If your issue is a bit complicated for you to communicate with the HP Personnel, then he might want to take a look on your computer screen and figure things out. This may save you from taking screen shots and sending it back and forth with issues and fixes. Thus he will be able to diagnose and trouble shoot the problem.

HP provides remote assistance through www.hp.com/123 remote assistant .

In order for the customers computer to start the HP Support service, they have to download and install a software application. You also require a stable internet connection through out the session. The HP Support Professional will provide a 6 digit code for the same. As soon as they enter the code, the customer will be prompted to download this software . After downloading and installing the same, your screen will be share with the HP 123 service professional . He will take control of your computer and fix the issue.


HP’s remote assistance service requires you to use a remote assistance program called Logmein.

LogMeIn is compatible with almost all major security suites and broadband routers. But there are times when your firewall may block this service. To avoid this possibility, please follow the settings mentioned below.

System requirements for www.hp.com/123 remote assistant service

To bypass firewall:

  • TCP port 443 traffic must be allowed for hardware firewalls.
  • For RemotelyAnywhere, our over-the-LAN solution, you will need to open port 2000 on your firewall.
  • LogMeIn components shoud not be blocked

Allow the below mentioned LogMeIn components in the allowed list in your firewall configuration.

  • LogMeIn.exe
  • LogMeInSystray.exe
  • LogMeInRC.exe
  • LMIGuardian.exe
  • raabout.exe
  • ramaint.exe