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Welcome to our 123-hp.xyz website.The terms and agreement is the content that you must agree in order to access the 123-hp.xyz website.So please read these terms and conditions before accessing, information, processing and product or services. And please review this Terms regularly for any changes. By reading this, you accept to and use the service with acceptance and bound of the terms. Then if you disapprove any part of the terms and conditions you may not use the service. You cannot revise the content in this website. The commercial use of the content is strictly prohibited. We are third party website and don’t have any warranty to the information or data in the website for any commercial use.


Website terms and conditions agreement:

123-hp.xyz website offers product information through indirect links to third-party website. By using the information from the website you acknowledge that it is for personal and noncommercial usage.

You cannot use the website for any illegal purpose. And you cannot reproduce, copy, transmit, distribute or transfer the data of the website without getting written authorization from the administration.

You are solely responsible for the usage of the data in the website. The information produced on this website is reliable, complete and accurate with our knowledge.

After that agreement to bound, by using this website information to order products you acknowledge that you read and agree to the agreement and all the conditions mentioned before proceeding.

We decide every action and assure you that your data kept in a secure way. And in case of plagiarism or any misuse of the content from this website we will take legal actions.

The main objective of our service is to give printer information and give assistance to the printer solutions. You have to go through the terms and conditions before using the information in our website since it is the main part which explains the relationship between the users and admin.

The images, logos, names and description given in this website are not licensed. And usage is your sole responsibility. And it’s your liability to confirm service and the products satisfy your needs.

The links used conveys further information alone rather than those we have no liability for the content in that linked website. The most important aspect of our website is to give easy printer solutions to our users.

Importantly we are not related to the manufacturers of the products mentioned in the website.

The basic thing is the site aims at assisting the users with printers.