Secure Printing with HP printers

Did you know that even printers get affected with malware?

Around 70% of IT managers and network specialist feels that either their printer has been affected with malware or expect a security breach shortly.

More than half of  all companies have unsecured printers.

What are the hidden risks in having unsecured printers?

  • Protection of confidential information has to be ensured continuously.
  • Confidential information includes both employee identity and customer data.
  • This has to be ensured across multiple devices and environments.
  • Even the companies who take safety measures in protecting individual computers and the network, printing devices are often exposed to threats.
  • These unsecured devices can put the entire network in the risk of a cyber-security attack.


Below mentioned are some of the vulnerable points in a HP printer


  1. Capture :

Multi-Function Printers can easily capture jobs and route them to many destinations. This might possibly expose sensitive data.

  1. Cloud-based Access:

Unauthorized users may access data that has been exposed using unsecured cloud connectivity.

  1. BIOS and Firmware :

Firmware can be compromised during startup or while running.

  1. Control Panel

Hackers can tamper data such as printer settings and functions from an unsecured control panel.  They can also disable the device using this.

  1. Ports and Protocols

Unsecured USB or  network ports or unsecured protocols such as FTP or Telnet provides easy access to unauthorized users.

  1. Network:

Printing or Imaging jobs can be intercepted  when they travel over the network to or from a device.

  1. Storage media:

Sensitive information are stored in internal devices or hard disks by printing or imaging devices. These data can be access if not protected.

  1. Mobile Printing:

Employees who print on-the go may leave printouts open or may accidentally expose data.

HP Office jet Pro 0000 has been designed to work together with security monitoring to help reduce risk.

Print security features in HP printer automatically detects attacks and stops them during all phases of operation such as during start-up, while loading firmware or during run-time.


The safety measures undertaken by HP Printer using the Print Security features  are as follows:


  1. Authenticating users, controlling access and track printing
  2. Encryption of print jobs to protect data while in transit
  • Encryption of data in storage and remove them when they are no longer necessary.
  1. Secure keys and credentials
  2. Secure capture and route
  3. Protect cloud content and access etc.