Privacy policy


Please read the privacy policy carefully since on using the service you are acknowledging that you understand and agree the terms and conditions.123-hp.xyzconfirms that your personal information secured with us.We take our privacy policy seriously and respect the concerns of our users in our mind. The privacy policy specifies how the data processed and for what purpose it used. This is a third party independent website. We are not responsible for the information listed in the 123-hp.xyzwebsite.And we will protect you the data you entrust with us.We use your personal data for the purpose of what it collected for. If we are using it for any other purpose we will notify you about that. And we don’t take your privacy concerns for granted. We are cautious about your private information online and offline.And we also follow strict guidelines for the users not to misuse the website content and plagiarizing the content. In our attempt to better use of the website we do collect first name, last name and email ID along with gender. And the service provider and country may also saved automatically by the cookies we use in the browser.

Responsibility of users

You must look deeply through all the conditions and terms mentioned in your website. And we are not liable for any issues so give only the required details. You have the rights to limits of processing under limited circumstances. Don’t mention more than what it asked for.To provide service the website may collect the user’s personal information like mail ID and customer name. The collection method may be of chat or call. You can contact the 123-hp.xyzwebsite anytime to remove or erase your personal or contact information.

Rules and Regulations

In the mean time we make material changes to this privacy statement. Read our privacy policy for any updated changes in our terms and conditions.We keep your personal data only for certain time until it’s needed such as enabling the site for your use and service delivering to your products.Such collected data will be subject to the privacy policy and our internal guidelines. Please note that if you do not agree to the modified Privacy Statement then you may not use the service. All our entities in our set required to take actions regarding the safety measures, to protect the personal information of the users in line with the privacy policy. We guard your personal information such as passwords and login name to customize our site for your accessibility.


These are small files used to store information about the users in the online services such as websites.Which will stored in the users own computer. And this 123-hp.xyzsite may use local storage and other cookies. If you don’t want this cookie to store your information you can disable and limit the cookies anytime. But doing so can limit some features of the website since some cookie can enhance the functionality of the website. And to manage the data collection automatically, the site placed with Web Bacons. These are small files that link web pages to certain web servers and cookies.And used to count the number of visitors and to analyze how the users navigate through the website.