HP ePrint

HP ePrint is a service provided by HP, that enables you to send the document to be printed to the printer’s email address from anywhere. The printer starts printing the attachments, as soon as it receives the email. For this you should create an account with HP connected. You will be provided with the printer’s email id, while doing so.  Read More

For sending the email, the following are the requirements.

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HP ePrint email requirements:

  • Printer’s email address should be typed into the To field. There should only be one recipient in the To field. If you want to send it to multiple people, include their email id in the CC field.
  • Subject should be filled in the subject line or the print job might be cancelled. However, this will not be printed.
  • Email size should not exceed 10 MB with attachment.
  • One email can contain only 10 attachments or less.
  • The supported document file types are: .txt, .pdf, .html, .doc & .docx , .ppt & .pptx, and .xls & .xlsx
  • The supported image files are : .bp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tiff
  • Photos must be of resolution 100x100 or more
  • Encrypted, password protected or digitally signed documents are not supported by HP ePrint.
  • OpenOffice files are not supported.
  • Duplex printing is not supported.
  • You cannot print only the attachment. The email body will also be printed.
  • Timestamp will not accurately reflect the time of creation or printing of the job.