HP ePrint with Officejet pro 8730 printer

Hp ePrint is a free service introduced by HP. If you use HP ePrinth with HP Officejet Pro 8730 printer, this will allow you to print documents and images from any location to your web-connected HP Officejet Pro 8730  printer.  For this, you just need to send an email to the email id assigned to the printer. Email id of the printer  is obtained while setting up the printer with enabling web services on the printer.  No special driver or software is required for this purpose.  If you have a network in any location that enables you to send an email, then you can print using HP ePrint. By this, even if you are out on a business trip or on a vacation, you can either print important documents to your office computer or pictures on your home computer, even before you return. The only condition for ePrint to work is that, the printer should be powered on and it should be connected to a wireless network.


For HP ePrint setup , you have to sign up for an account on ePrintCenter. Then you need to add your HP Officejet Pro 8730 printer to your account. You can sign in to see the job status in HP ePrint. You can also manage your HP ePrint printer queue, control the people who can use your printer’s HP ePrint email address to print and request help for Hp ePrint. Thus HP ePrint with HP Officejet Pro 8730 printer is a very useful feature of HP Printers.