HP Envy 5544 ink cartridge installation

123 HP envy 5544 Printer Support and Install from 123.hp.com/envy5544

  1. To install ink catridges in HP Envy 5544, lift the top cover of your HP Envy 5544 Printer to access the cartridge. Remove the new  tri-color cartridge from its package. If you have difficulty opening the package, you can use scissors to cut it open. You should remove the protective tab  before installing the cartridge.

Open the ink cartridge access door

2. Make sure you do not touch the copper colored contacts or ink nozzles. Do not replace the protective tab on the contacts. Handling these part may cause ink failure and bad electrical connections.  Insert the tri-color cartridge in the left slot. The contact must face the back of the HP Envy 5544 printer for a correct install. Slide the cartridge in the slot and press firmly until it clicks into place.

HP Envy 5540 printer setup

3. Now, open the Black Cartridge from its package. Just as before remove the protective tab, making sure not to touch the contacts.  Insert the black ink cartridge into the right slot. If the cartridge doesn’t not click into place, try repositioning the cartridge and the re-installing it until it clicks into place.


4. Load the paper into the paper tray of HP Envy 5544 printer, then adjust the guides. Push in the input tray. Touch ok, then touch done. The printer will now calibrate and print an alignment page. The alignment page allows the HP Envy 5544 printer to know where the ink placement will be on future prints.


5. To complete the HP Envy 5544 printer setup, you must scan the alignment page.  Lift the scanner lid, the place the alignment page face down using the markings on the printer as a guide.  Close the scanner lid, the touch ok to scan the page.

Scanning the alignment page is the final step in the alignment process. Once the alignment is complete, either an alignment successful or an alignment failed message will display. If you receive an alignment failed message after the scan, you can go to 123.hp.com/envy5544 to resolve the problem. If you receive an alignment successful message, touch ok. This prompt only appears if you want to use the internet to install the software for your printer. Touch More, then touch Manual setup. If you are connecting via USB,  touch No Network.