HP printers are good option for both office and home use. The printers are well designed and undergo levels of testing. And in case if you face any printer issue we assist you to overcome them easily and quickly. Understanding about the printer problem is the major key thing in troubleshooting printers since the error message displayed may have no connection with the printer issues. So you must know how to decode the printer error message. Here are some of the printer common error messages and solutions to them.

Printer Connectivity Issues:

The Windows Operating System has HP Print and Scan Doctorutility. It automatically tries to diagnose and fix the issue automatically. You can also use the HP Online troubleshooting wizard. And check the firewall settings sometimes the high security also prevent the printer from getting connected to the PC. For the wireless troubleshooting from the printer, press and hold the information button and the wireless printer button form the printer display at the same time.Then the wireless network test reportand network configuration page prints. Go through the page to find any errors and solve them accordingly.

Printer Quality Issues:

Initially you have to print a print diagnostic page to evaluate what is wrong with printer. For that make sure you are using the genuine HP print headsalong with the ink bottles. Then check the paper type and the paper settings of the printer matches with the paper loaded in the printer.

Now press and hold the color copy buttonon the printer which prints the diagnosticspage. Now see the diagnostic page if the whole page smeared and not clear you have to clean the print heads. And if you see any streaks or lines in the diagnostic page then you have to align the print heads of the printer.

Misfeeds and paper pick-up issues:

This type of error can result mainly due to the paper jam issues. If your printer has paper in the paper tray and still the paper is not taken by the printer and don’t do the print job or picking multiple papers in the same time then this problem arises. Follow the steps to solve the issue.

  1. Initially open the printer. Check for any damaged or jammed paper inside the printer and remove them carefully.
  2. Next check the paper settings of the printer and load the paper of same size matching the printer settings.
  3. And adjust the paper width guidesand make sure they are not so tensed which also cause the paper not picking up issues.
  4. After that try cleaning the paper pick up rollerssince it may contaminated with dirt or moisture and while cleaning use the lint free cloth to do so.
  5. Now bend the paper back and forth gently to remove any blocks and introduce flexibility in the paper. Tap the paper stack in an even surface before loading them into the paper tray.
  6. If you are having the multiple sheets pickingup issues then remove the loaded papers in the tray and rotate it to 180 degree. After checking them reinsert the papers and gently adjust the paper width guides.
  7. And use only the HP specified papers. Then don’t use wrinkled, folded and damaged papers.Keep in mind not to mix up paper of different sizes.
  8. You can see the stack-height checking marks in the paper input tray. Don’t fill paper above the markings keep it within the markings.

Printer wired connection issues:

If your printer is showing incorrect IP addressfor the printer, then follow the below instructions to solve the issue. First open the printer properties and open the ports tab in it. And check the current IP address of the printer selected. You can see the IP address listed on the configuration page.  Then if you use TCP/IP port to install the printer then enable the box with “Always printto this printer, even if its IP address changes”. If you see your IP address is correct delete you printer and add it again. In case if you have chosen the Microsoft TCP/IP port then use the hostname instead of the IP address.

And if you see yourcomputer is unable to connect you printerread the guidelines below. From your computer open the command line prompt. Then from Windows go to Start, click Runandtype cmd.Then click enter. If it is an OS X, then navigate to Applications, utilities and open the terminal.And enter your IP address followed byping. If your windows display round-trip times then your network is working. After that if you don’t see any response check the network hubs and the network settings of the printer. Lastly make sure the printer connected to the same network as that of the system.