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  • Printer driver updates in any kind of operating system
  • Resolve low printing speed and paper jam issues
  • Fix cartridge issues and toner problems
  • Printer Driver updates in Mac book
  • Printer Driver updates in Windows
  • Eprint,  Airprint and Google cloud print support

Printer Guidelines

Printer Installation

 printer setup & installations - Windows:

            1. Carefully unbox the printer and keep it on a free space that it accommodates.

            2. Find the power chord provided and connect it on the slot provided.

            3. Connect the power chord to a power source.

            4. Now turn ON the printer.

            5. Place the ink cartridges on the carriage and allow it to align.

            6. Now insert the software disc provided along with the printer.

            7. Follow the on screen instructions.

            8. Install the appropriate drivers and software required.

            9. Now you can test your printer by giving a test print.


 printer setup & installations – Mac:

            1. Carefully unbox the printer and keep it on a free space that it accommodates.

            2. Find the power chord provided and connect it on the slot provided.

            3. Connect the power chord to a power source.

            4. Now turn ON the printer.

            5. Place the ink cartridges on the carriage and allow it to align.

            6. The suitable driver and software can be installed on your Mac by using Apple Software Update.

            7. create a new print queue on the Mac.

            8. Click Apple menu à system preferences.

            9. Click printers & scanners option.

            10. Check the list for the name of your printer and select your printer.

            11. Click Add option to add your printer.

            12. Now add your printer to the list in ‘print using’ menu

            13. Now you can test your printer by giving a test print.


How To set up an  printer on a wireless (Wi-Fi) network?

       Things you need to know:

               1. Your network name (SSID - Service Set Identifier).

                2. Your network password(the WEP key or WPA security passphrase).

Follow the steps below

             1. After gathering the above information turn on your router, computer(PC) and your printer.

             2. Now connect your personal computer to the wireless network by selecting the network from the list.

             3. Now turn on your printer’s wireless connect and connect your printer to the same wireless network.

             4. Make sure that your printer and your PC are connected on same wireless network.

             5. Now your printer is ready for wireless printing.

What if my printer is not found or listed during the connection?

    In order to avoid  wireless connectivity issues try the following procedures

            1. Try restarting your PC and printer.

            2. Check whether the printer and PC are connected to the same wireless network.

            3. Keep your printer close to the router.

            4. Check your computer’s firewall settings.

            5. Avoid interference with other radio and wireless signals (e.g. cordless telephones, microwaves).

 How to manually connect the printer to the network?

            1. Turn on your printer.

            2. Go to your printer control panel network or wireless settings menu.

            3. There you can find a wireless setup wizard.

            4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

            5. There you can type your network name and password to connect the printer to the network.

Envy setup

 Envy Printer Setup

 envy with its simple features, is very easy to setup in a windows, linux or mac machine.
Compact in Desgin – Rich in Features
1. Fast and Easy
 Envy is easy to set up and configure. The features are also less complicated, so that you can produce

sharp photos and quality documents in no time.
2. Wireless printing from anywhere
What ever you device is – be it a smart phone, a tablet or a pc,  envy printer can easily connect to your

device wirelessly and start printing.
3. Scan to mobile device
With  envy printer, it’s like always having your printer with you. Using  printer control app, you can scan directly to your mobile device.
4. Double savings – Save both paper and time with automatic double-sided printing.
5. Conserve Energy –  envy printers are energy star qualified. So even while using a wide range of options, the energy consumed will be less.
6. High capacity cartridges – Print more for less.

Officejet setup

   Given below are the instructions for Officejet  setup

  1. Keep the necessary network setup items ready

           The network setup items are Netwrok name (SSID), Network security password,  a computer connected to your wireless network and your wireless printer.

  1. The computer, printer and router  should be turned on.
  2. Disconnect the Ethernet cables or USB from the printer.
  3. On the printer control panel, press right arrow to go to the next screen
  4. Press the setup icon
  5. Now press Network->Wireless Setup Wizard and press Continue
  6. Select your network name from the list of available networks and press OK.
  7. If your network name is not in the list, press Enter New Network Name and follow the instructions
  8. Enter the network password ( WEP or WPA key) when prompted
  9. Now go to to download the printer driver
  10. Select or type your printer model
  11. Click download near the full feature driver option, which is recommended.
  12. You can also go to the Basic Drivers for the basic driver options.

FAQ for Printer Setup

I have a  printer. How do I start printing with it?

        1. First, you need to configure the printer with your computer.

        2. For that you need to follow the below instructions

        3. Download printer driver

        4. Install printer driver

        5. Configure and Start printing.


Where do I Download  Printer Driver from?

             Downloading HP printer driver is as easy as  provides three different options to obtain printer drivers.

                1. Go to HP Customer Support website with the modal specific url.

                     For example, for HP envy 4560, the url is (OR)

                 2. Use the CD which came with the printer. This has the relevant printer driver to be installed. (OR)

                3. Get it copied from a friend or call technical support

Ok, I’ll download the printer driver from hp website How do I do it?

               1. Make sure the printer is turned on.

               2. Disconnect the USB cable from your printer.

               3. From your computer , type in the url bar

               4.This will take you to the  customer support page for driver download.

               5. Click the download button

               6. The software starts downloading.

I am in Now what do I do?

              1. Type the HP printer model number in the space provided.

              2. Press enter or click on Find my Product button.

              3. Your printer model will be displayed.

              4. Scroll down to see the driver name with download button.

              5. Press the download button.


I downloaded the printer driver. How do I install it? (OR)

How do I install HP printer driver?

           1. The printer driver software you downloaded will be in the bottom-left corner in your browser window, or in a pop-up.

           2. Once the download is over, you will be prompted.

           3. Now click the Run button.

           4. If you are not prompted, open the downloads folder and double-click the most recent exe file.

           5. Just follow the instructions onscreen.

           6. Accept the terms and conditions and click next, till you are done.

The download window provides 2 options. Which one should I select?


          It provides two options :

                1. HP Download and Install Assistant

                2. Download only.

The first option guides you through the whole process of setting up the driver. The second option straight away


download the printer driver to your Downloads folder. But both serves the same purpose.

I downloaded the  printer driver in my mac system. Where do I find it?

            1. Click on the left most icon (Finder) in the Dock.

           2. Under Favourites, Click on the Downloads option on the left side of the screen

           3. You can find the most recent file in this

               OR, click the downloads icon which shows a list of all recently downloaded items.

I downloaded the  printer driver in my windows system. Where do I find it?

          1. Open the Windows explorer.

          2. On the left side of the screen, under favourites, you will find Downloads folder.

         3. Click on that to find the most recently downloaded file.

Procedure to print a document or image from your PC:         

            1. Sign in to your gmail account.

            2. Then type the url -

             3. Select print option.

             4. You will find an option to upload file from your PC.

             5.  Select the file to be printed and then click ‘upload’

             6. Once the upload is completed select your printer and click ‘print’.

Procedure to print an email or a web page:

              1.     Sign in to your gmail account.

              2.      Open(in google chrome browser) the email or webpage you want to print.

              3.      Click settingsà

             4.      There you can select the printer from which you want to print from.

Procedure to print from android device:

           1.     Install cloud print from google paly store.

           2.     Select the webpage or email to be printed.

           3.      At the end of the page you will see ‘cloud print’ option.

          4. Cloud printàselect printerà

          5. You can also select the documents from your android device.


How can I print from an ipad without Airprint printer?

         1. If you use mac then download Handy print.

         2. If you use windows then download need O’print.

         3. These applications makes your device to act as an Airprint printer.


Google cloud print registration for HP e-print.

          Things needed: Google chrome web browser, gmail account,

           e-print enabled printer.

                       1. Turn on printer and PC.

                       2. Open google chrome browser.

                       3. Go to settingsàadvanced settingsàgoogle cloud print.

                       4. And then click on ‘Manage’ button.

                       5. A new window opens which shows the printers connected.

                       6. If your printer is in the list then your printer is already registered.

                       7. If your printer is not in the list then you can add through new devices option.

                       8. You can find an option to register new device.

       Click on ‘register’ and then a confirmation page appears.

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